Dec 1, 2010

It's been so Long ...

Dearest Hala, this is from you and for you.

Dear Webheads,

Do you memorize the lyrics of Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me? If not, I would love you to read my words below while you're listening the song, please:

It took me 5 month to write this message. Sorry! The pace of my life was moving/running like crazy. So many events and so many major decisions had to be taken. Btw, you don't need to reply to this message. I am just sharing my joy, again and again, with this amazing list.
You, webheads, taught me how use online tools for my professional development and how to use them with my students. I am now considered the pioneer in the field:
I taught my kids (18, 12) how to create presentation and how to present. They always get the highest mark, asked by their teachers where did they learn about that!
In April, I had my first chapter published (Chapter 17).

I was so excited then to have a look the book, but couldn't CALICO in Sudan. Vance took a screenshot for me.
Lawan Dalha offered to get my free copy sent from Canada, to Nigeria and send it back to me, because it can't be shipped directly to Sudan.
In May, 2010, I got my PhD on blended learning, the first on blended learning in Sudan. You are the ones who taught me the first steps on the online learning path.
In July, got a certificate from the American English Institute, University of Oregon with very high grade:
In August, 2010, during my 38 week pregnancy, I had participated as a trainer for one day in a workshop with the British Council and University of Khartoum:
I've learned from you how to succeed, in spite of the challenges and obstacles, I face. You taught me it's O.K. to ask for help. You showed me how one should always lend a helping hand. When I did ask for help, Carla was there for me:

Nellie, always ready to extend a helping hand, was there too:

Teresa, Cris and others responded and didn't want to leave me alone, so they dropped by:
Even those who apologized were sad for not being able to make it. (Thanks Graham!)
In October, I moved to Saudi Arabia to work at Yanbu University College. Guess what? I thought about "webehads" the minute I laid my eyes on my new teaching schedule "Educational Technology" course was among other linguistics courses. I was told that only last year this course started, and it was not a success. Now, I am nominated for the position of the e-learning Coordinator for the female campus.
And now, as part of introducing my students to synchronous tools, I asked Buth to present about her projects with her students, as we share the same context in some way. She accepted! The presentation will be at Ellumiante next week.
Thank you for everything that you've done for me, for my life, my career. You were there to help me whenever I needed you. For all the dreams you made come true...I'll be forever thankful!
It's a privilege to be part of this community.
Dr. Hala Fawzi
Applied Linguistics Department
Yanbu University College

Dear Hala,

I'm sooooo proud of all your accomplishments - what a fantastic list!
- and so happy that it all started with BaW back in 2005, if I'm not
wrong. Congrats to you!!! :-)
Knowing you, I'm absolutely sure that your life will only get better
and more far-reaching achievements will come your way.
For me it's a privilege to be part of this Webhead community and to
have you in it as a very special colleague and friend! :-)
Please let us know the time and date of Buth's presentation.

Hugs and beijinhos, Teresa

Dearest Halla,

I am so much happy for you and your accomplishments. Congratulations!!!
I feel thankful to the opportunity to meet you here and f2f in Fukuoka. You really deserve to be successful and Allah helps you! 
I wish to see you again f2f someday.
Stay Happy, healthy and wealthy!

{{{{BIG HUG))))
and beijinhos,
Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine)

Congratulations on your achievements, Hala!
And way back from the 60s.

Warm regards from Brazil,
Barbara Dieu 

Inspiring Hala,

I am so proud of you!!!!!!! It is just incredible all the different things
you have accomplished.
We met face-to-face two years ago when we obtained a scholarship to attend
WorldCall in Japan. For those of you who never met Hala f2f she has an
extremely positive attitude and she is a natural leader. I am sure you will
continue to ROCK because every new project is an opportunity to do what you
really love: show your passion for education.
A big cyber hug.
Warm regards

Dear Hala

I congratulate you on your achievements! They're really great!!!!
an otstanding career, you deserve it because you are really hardworking and responsible
I also love this community!! It's incredible how much you can learn form one another

stella (from Argentina)

Dear Hala,

I am sooo proud of you. Congratulations on your achievements. :)
and this song is for us, Webheads:

a big cyber hug.
warm regards
Beyza :)
Dear Hala,

Your message + Celine's song are really moving.
A very big hug from Argentina !!!! Congratulations on your achievements!!!! [:x] you cannot complain about 2010.
You are really inspiring.
I wish you the best in your new post and your new home.
Any photo of your baby????

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