Jan 1, 2008

And more, and more greetings from Webheads...

Happy New Year from hot Melbourne, Australia. You are an amazing group &
I also feel privileged to be part of it.
All the best fro 2008,
Sophie Cholewka

Happy New Year, dear BAWers!!!
Vera from Siberia

Sharing your warm words, Evelyn !!!
Happy New Year 2008 for the whole WIA family !!!
Kisses and champagne from Del Valle in Argentina
Susana Canelo

My dearest WIA friends:
Today, when the year comes to the end, is the perfect time to say 'thank you'. Thank you for being there all year long, like good friends, like a warm family. My best wishes to you and your beloved ones for the new year. I wish you love, peace, prosperity, excellent health, lots of joy and success in 2008.
Hugs, bow, hand shakings or kisses to you.
Evelyn from Choroni, Aragua State, Venezuela

Soon it will be New Year's here in Abu Dhabi! Our best wishes to all of you and your families.
Bobbi, Vance, Glenn, Gulya, Dusty, Joan, Musky the Cat and 3 guinea pigs!

Thanks, Bobbi. I wish you and all your family a very happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you Bobbi and Family and all Webheads and families!
Moira, Léon, Russell, Doran,
the dogs (Cindy and Bibi)
the cats (Cornflake, Cuddles, Lucy and Fontaine)

Hi everyone.
It's already 2008 Down Under and all the fireworks seem to have finished. I've been sitting outside on a very warm night listening to them. (can't see them from my backyard)

Thank you all for another wonderful webhead year - for all that you teach me and the friendship this group offers. I still see little evidence of any other group online that displays this level of professional and personal interaction - it's priceless. Ten years on and I still feel very privileged to be part of this group. Thank you one and all.
A very Happy New Year everyone,
- Michael.

Thank you very much, Michael. You're absolutely right. This is the most amazing group I have ever known. Friendship and willingness to help are the most important features of this fantastic group. I feel grateful to belong to a group like this. I have learned a lot since I joined early this year and I wish I had found you earlier.
I wish you and your family all the best for 2008.

Joao, Michael, and all,
I think the "Friendship and willingness to help" you mention are qualities that we find in Vance, who has attracted like-minded people from the very beginning.
Combine this with a keen mind and curiosity and playfulness... 2008 has got to be another "best year" for Webheads

Hi, Michael!
I'm still 5 hours away from 2008!
Happy New Year to you all, including my friend Joti. How is he?
Beijinhos, Teresa <:-))

Happy New Year from Sydney, where it is now 8:30 am. I saw a firework session for children around the Harbour Bridge from East Balmain (peninsula)at nine pm and then met friends at Camperdown (higher up on the hill) , from where we watched the midnight spectacle from the hill. Fabulous!
We've had wonderful weather until now - sunny days, blue sky and light breeze - starting to get a tan. Aussies are friendly and welcoming and making a lot of new friends here and meeting Michael at the end of the month in Melbourne for the Linux Conference, where I will be talking about the Webheads, EVO and Social Media in ELT.
Warm regards from OZ,
Dear Bee,
Happy 2008 to you and your family!!!! <:-)
It has started in the best way, in Sydney harbor, enjoying the fabulous atmosphere and fireworks. That's one place I would to be at New Yer's some day. The other is Times Square.
Enjoy your stay and please keep us posted! Is there any blog or wiki for the special year in your life?
Best wishes for this New Year!
Beijinhos, Teresa

Happy New Year for you ,too. Thanks for sharing those "images" and the sun !!!
Hugs from Del Valle in Argentina

Happy New Year Teresa! See 2 pix of Joti at http://flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/ He was home for a few days at Christmas and is now back in Aceh.
- Michael.

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